3D Models

The KiCad 3D model libraries are the individual .3dshapes directories. These 3d models are best used in combination with the official footprint libs. Each directory directory contains multiple 3D model files, with the following supported file formats.


WRL files provide support for material properties, allowing superior 3D rendering within KiCad


STEP files are required for integration with MCAD software.

Updating via Git

Users who wish to keep 3D model libraries up to date can track the https://gitlab.com/kicad/libraries/kicad-packages3D GitLab repository.


Users who wish to contribute to the 3D model libraries can submit a merge request at https://gitlab.com/kicad/libraries/kicad-packages3D.

Source files for 3D models can be found at https://gitlab.com/kicad/libraries/kicad-packages3D-source.

Library Releases

The latest complete set of KiCad 3D model libraries can be downloaded from the following link:


Stable releases of the 3D model libraries can be found at:


Library Description Models Download
Battery Battery and battery holder footprints 54 696K
Button_Switch_SMD Buttons and switches, surface mount 202 3.1M
Button_Switch_THT Buttons and switches, through hole 126 1.6M
Buzzer_Beeper Audio signalling devices 32 316K
Capacitor_SMD Capacitor, surface mount 180 1.3M
Capacitor_THT Capacitor, through hole 750 5.0M
Capacitor_Tantalum_SMD Tantalum Capacitor, surface mount 44 199K
Connector Generic/unsorted connector footprints 4 32K
Connector_AMASS AMASS connector footprints 4 74K
Connector_BarrelJack (DC) barrel jack connector footprints 4 35K
Connector_Card Card and card holder footprints 2 64K
Connector_Coaxial Coaxial and RF connector footprints 10 86K
Connector_Dsub DSub connector footprints 224 6.7M
Connector_FFC-FPC FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) and FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) connector footprints 126 2.2M
Connector_IDC IDC connector footprints 56 2.0M
Connector_JST JST connector footprints www.jst.com 258 4.0M
Connector_Molex Molex connector footprints www.molex.com 178 9.3M
Connector_Phoenix_GMSTB Phoenix GMSTB series (high voltage MSTB) connector footprints 176 1.6M
Connector_Phoenix_MC Phoenix MC connector footprints 360 4.1M
Connector_Phoenix_MC_HighVoltage Phoenix high voltage (320V, 5.08mm pitch) MC connector footprints 132 1.8M
Connector_Phoenix_MSTB Phoenix MSTB connector footprints 360 3.1M
Connector_Pin Single (solder) pin conectors 22 37K
Connector_PinHeader_1.00mm Pin headers, 1.0mm pitch 556 19M
Connector_PinHeader_1.27mm Pin headers, 1.27mm pitch 556 21M
Connector_PinHeader_2.00mm Pin headers, 2.0mm pitch 556 20M
Connector_PinHeader_2.54mm Pin headers, 2.54mm pitch 556 19M
Connector_PinSocket_1.00mm Pin sockets, 1.00mm pitch 312 15M
Connector_PinSocket_1.27mm Pin sockets, 1.27mm pitch 492 30M
Connector_PinSocket_2.00mm Pin sockets, 2.0mm pitch 556 29M
Connector_PinSocket_2.54mm Pin sockets, 2.54mm pitch 556 29M
Connector_RJ Registered Jack (RJ) connector footprints (e.g. RJ11, RJ45, ...) 2 41K
Connector_SATA_SAS SATA/SAS connector footprints 2 118K
Connector_Samtec Samtec connector footprints 2 886K
Connector_Stocko Stocko connector footprints 38 1.2M
Connector_USB USB connector footprints 4 394K
Converter_ACDC AC/DC converter footprints 26 154K
Converter_DCDC DC/DC converter footprints 102 588K
Converters_DCDC_ACDC 92 372K
Crystal Crystal footprints 198 636K
Diode_SMD Diode footprints, surface mount 58 181K
Diode_THT Diode footprints, through hole 178 515K
Display Display modules 64 1.5M
Display_7Segment Seven segment Display 88 1.7M
Ferrite_THT Ferrite bead, through hole 2 67K
Filter Filter footprints 16 62K
Fuse Fuse and fuse holder footprints 54 466K
Fuse_Holders_and_Fuses 2 54K
Heatsink Heatsinks and thermal products 6 84K
Inductor_SMD Inductor footprints, surface mount 82 325K
Inductor_THT Inductor footprints, through hole 286 12M
LED_SMD Light emitting diodes (LED), surface mount 54 184K
LED_THT Light emitting diodes (LED), through hole 154 324K
Module Footprints for SoM (System on Module) 2 21K
MountingHole Mechanical fasteners 2 23K
Mounting_Wuerth Mechanical fasteners by wuerth electronics 434 907K
OptoDevice Optical devices (light sensors, opto isolators/interrupters, laser diodes, fiber optical components, lightpipes, lenses ...) 80 509K
Oscillator Footprints for oscillator devices 14 147K
Package_BGA Ball Grid Array (BGA) 156 1.8M
Package_DFN_QFN Surface mount IC packages, DFN / LGA / QFN 440 3.7M
Package_DIP Through hole IC packages, DIP 404 6.1M
Package_DirectFET DirectFET packages from International Rectifier 26 129K
Package_LGA Land Grid Array (LGA) 38 205K
Package_QFP Quad Flat Package (QFP) 136 15M
Package_SIP Single Inline Package(SIP) 22 311K
Package_SO Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC, SSOP, xSOP, xSO) 368 6.5M
Package_SOIC 24 550K
Package_SON Small Outline No-Lead (SON) 38 267K
Package_SSOP 112 2.4M
Package_TO_SOT_SMD Surface mount transistor packages 136 809K
Package_TO_SOT_THT Through hole transistor packages 194 727K
Potentiometer_SMD Potentiometer footprints, surface mount (SMD) 4 60K
Potentiometer_THT Potentiometer footprints, through hole (THT) 46 221K
RF_Antenna Radio-frequency / wireless antenna footprints 4 12K
RF_Converter Specialized footprints for RF signal converters (Like Attenuators, Baluns, Mixers, Couplers, etc.) 4 18K
RF_Module Radio-frequency / wireless modules 20 1.2M
Relay_SMD Surface mount relay packages 22 199K
Relay_THT Through hole relay packages 96 442K
Resistor_SMD Resistor footprints, surface mount (SMD) 80 583K
Resistor_THT Resistor footprints, through hole (THT) 210 626K
Sensor Specialized footprints for multi-function sensors 2 54K
Sensor_Audio Specialized footprints for audio sensors 4 33K
Sensor_Current Specialized footprints for current sensors 8 283K
Sensor_Distance Specialized footprints for distance sensors 2 17K
Sensors 2 20K
TerminalBlock_Altech Altech terminal block footprints 46 2.5M
TerminalBlock_Phoenix Phoenix Contact terminal blocks 172 7.7M
TestPoint Test points, measurement points, probe connection points 44 331K
Transformer_SMD Surface mount transformers 2 97K
Transformer_THT Through hole transformers 58 245K
Valve Valve 2 32K
Varistor Varistor 200 2.5M

Last updated on 19 October 2021