The KiCad footprint libraries are the individual .pretty directories. Each .pretty directory contains multiple .kicad_mod footprint files. These footprints are best used in combination with the official symbol libs and 3d model libs.


The files packaged here are intended for KiCad version 5 or nightly builds that support rounded rectangle and polygon pads.

Updating via Git

Users who wish to keep footprint libraries up to date can track the GitLab repository.


Users who wish to contribute to the footprint libraries can submit a merge request at

Library Releases

The latest complete set of KiCad footprint libraries can be downloaded from the following link:

Stable releases of the the footprint libraries can be found at:

Library Description Footprints Download
Audio_Module Audio Module footprints 2 1.2K
Battery Battery and battery holder footprints 43 13K
Button_Switch_Keyboard Buttons and switches for keyboard applications 29 2.7K
Button_Switch_SMD Buttons and switches, surface mount 147 37K
Button_Switch_THT Buttons and switches, through hole 87 19K
Buzzer_Beeper Audio signalling devices 21 4.6K
Calibration_Scale Scales and grids intended for calibration and measurement 19 4.5K
Capacitor_SMD Capacitor, surface mount 100 11K
Capacitor_THT Capacitor, through hole 375 71K
Capacitor_Tantalum_SMD Tantalum Capacitor, surface mount 56 4.0K
Connector Generic/unsorted connector footprints 22 7.9K
Connector_AMASS AMASS connector footprints 10 2.6K
Connector_Amphenol Amphenol LTW connector footprints 1 865
Connector_Audio Audio connector footprints 202 31K
Connector_BarrelJack (DC) barrel jack connector footprints 7 2.6K
Connector_Card Card and card holder footprints 12 7.3K
Connector_Coaxial Coaxial and RF connector footprints 28 7.2K
Connector_DIN DIN connector footprints 72 10K
Connector_Dsub DSub connector footprints 120 36K
Connector_FFC-FPC FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) and FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) connector footprints 178 29K
Connector_HDMI HDMI connector footprints 5 2.6K
Connector_Harwin Harwin connector footprints 94 18K
Connector_Hirose Hirose connector footprints 114 21K
Connector_IDC IDC connector footprints 161 17K
Connector_JAE JAE connector footprints 44 7.7K
Connector_JST JST connector footprints 508 63K
Connector_Molex Molex connector footprints 706 104K
Connector_Multicomp Multicomp connector footprints 0 214
Connector_PCBEdge PCB edge connectors (e.g. PCI, ISA, PCIe, ...) 95 18K
Connector_Phoenix_GMSTB Phoenix GMSTB series (high voltage MSTB) connector footprints 88 13K
Connector_Phoenix_MC Phoenix MC connector footprints 180 22K
Connector_Phoenix_MC_HighVoltage Phoenix high voltage (320V, 5.08mm pitch) MC connector footprints 66 9.0K
Connector_Phoenix_MSTB Phoenix MSTB connector footprints 180 22K
Connector_Pin Single (solder) pin conectors 13 1.9K
Connector_PinHeader_1.00mm Pin headers, 1.0mm pitch 278 40K
Connector_PinHeader_1.27mm Pin headers, 1.27mm pitch 278 50K
Connector_PinHeader_2.00mm Pin headers, 2.0mm pitch 278 40K
Connector_PinHeader_2.54mm Pin headers, 2.54mm pitch 278 52K
Connector_PinSocket_1.00mm Pin sockets, 1.00mm pitch 156 24K
Connector_PinSocket_1.27mm Pin sockets, 1.27mm pitch 246 45K
Connector_PinSocket_2.00mm Pin sockets, 2.0mm pitch 278 40K
Connector_PinSocket_2.54mm Pin sockets, 2.54mm pitch 278 52K
Connector_RJ Registered Jack (RJ) connector footprints (e.g. RJ11, RJ45, ...) 26 11K
Connector_SATA_SAS SATA/SAS connector footprints 2 1.9K
Connector_Samtec Samtec connector footprints 15 8.5K
Connector_Samtec_HLE_SMD Samtec surface mount HLE series connector footprints 290 32K
Connector_Samtec_HLE_THT Samtec through hole HLE series connector footprints 141 13K
Connector_Stocko Stocko connector footprints 20 3.0K
Connector_TE-Connectivity Footprints for connectors by TE Connectivity 47 11K
Connector_USB USB connector footprints 43 14K
Connector_Wago Wago connector footprints 34 4.3K
Connector_Wire Footprints for solder wire pads 290 30K
Connector_Wuerth Wuerth connector footprints 9 1.8K
Converter_ACDC AC/DC converter footprints 22 5.6K
Converter_DCDC DC/DC converter footprints 61 13K
Crystal Crystal footprints 179 21K
Diode_SMD Diode footprints, surface mount 73 12K
Diode_THT Diode footprints, through hole 108 16K
Display Display modules 38 14K
Display_7Segment Seven segment Display 51 8.3K
Ferrite_THT Ferrite bead, through hole 1 800
Fiducial Fiducial markings 8 968
Filter Filter footprints 16 4.5K
Fuse Fuse and fuse holder footprints 90 14K
Heatsink Heatsinks and thermal products 14 8.4K
Inductor_SMD Inductor footprints, surface mount 218 32K
Inductor_THT Inductor footprints, through hole 250 42K
Jumper Jumpers, solder jumpers, ... footprints 21 2.2K
LED_SMD Light emitting diodes (LED), surface mount 68 13K
LED_THT Light emitting diodes (LED), through hole 82 9.4K
Module Footprints for SoM (System on Module) 35 19K
MountingEquipment Mechanical parts 1 846
MountingHole Mechanical fasteners 166 6.4K
Mounting_Wuerth Mechanical fasteners by wuerth electronics 163 11K
NetTie Net ties 12 1.4K
OptoDevice Optical devices (light sensors, opto isolators/interrupters, laser diodes, fiber optical components, lightpipes, lenses ...) 75 20K
Oscillator Footprints for oscillator devices 61 12K
Package_BGA Ball Grid Array (BGA) 136 93K
Package_CSP Chip Scale Packages (CSP) 100 27K
Package_DFN_QFN Surface mount IC packages, DFN / LGA / QFN 514 100K
Package_DIP Through hole IC packages, DIP 236 32K
Package_DirectFET DirectFET packages from International Rectifier 29 3.0K
Package_LCC Leaded Chip Carriers (LCC) 23 9.4K
Package_LGA Land Grid Array (LGA) 25 6.8K
Package_QFP Quad Flat Package (QFP) 83 37K
Package_SIP Single Inline Package(SIP) 16 4.9K
Package_SO Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC, SSOP, xSOP, xSO) 303 55K
Package_SON Small Outline No-Lead (SON) 72 15K
Package_SO_J-Lead Small Outline Integrated Circuits J-Lead 1 767
Package_TO_SOT_SMD Surface mount transistor packages 128 21K
Package_TO_SOT_THT Through hole transistor packages 236 32K
Potentiometer_SMD Potentiometer footprints, surface mount (SMD) 26 4.2K
Potentiometer_THT Potentiometer footprints, through hole (THT) 104 16K
RF Specialized footprints for RF components that don't fit in the other RF libraries 2 1.5K
RF_Antenna Radio-frequency / wireless antenna footprints 8 3.2K
RF_Converter Specialized footprints for RF signal converters (Like Attenuators, Baluns, Mixers, Couplers, etc.) 6 1.9K
RF_GPS GNSS footprints 11 4.5K
RF_GSM GSM Modules footprints 7 5.5K
RF_Mini-Circuits Footprints for Mini-Circuits RF parts 31 7.0K
RF_Module Radio-frequency / wireless modules 43 21K
RF_Shielding Specialied footprints for EMI shields and covers 30 8.1K
RF_WiFi WiFi modules 1 1.1K
Relay_SMD Surface mount relay packages 20 4.1K
Relay_THT Through hole relay packages 78 16K
Resistor_SMD Resistor footprints, surface mount (SMD) 62 8.4K
Resistor_THT Resistor footprints, through hole (THT) 104 13K
Rotary_Encoder Rotary Encoder Footprints 8 1.8K
Sensor Specialized footprints for multi-function sensors 5 2.5K
Sensor_Audio Specialized footprints for audio sensors 4 2.8K
Sensor_Current Specialized footprints for current sensors 35 9.5K
Sensor_Distance Specialized footprints for distance sensors 1 715
Sensor_Humidity Specialized footprints for humidity sensors 2 1.3K
Sensor_Motion Specialized footprints for motion sensors 4 1.8K
Sensor_Pressure Specialized footprints for pressure sensors 4 2.0K
Sensor_Voltage Specialized footprints for voltage sensors 1 752
Socket Sockets 15 4.7K
Symbol PCB symbols 137 347K
TerminalBlock Footprints for terminal blocks that do not have their own manufacturer specific library 9 4.2K
TerminalBlock_4Ucon 4UCON terminal blocks 28 6.1K
TerminalBlock_Altech Altech terminal block footprints 23 2.2K
TerminalBlock_Dinkle Dinkle terminal blocks 29 5.5K
TerminalBlock_MetzConnect Metz Connect terminal blocks 61 14K
TerminalBlock_Philmore Philmore terminal blocks 2 1.5K
TerminalBlock_Phoenix Phoenix Contact terminal blocks 114 21K
TerminalBlock_RND RND terminal blocks 130 25K
TerminalBlock_TE-Connectivity TE Connectivity terminal blocks 11 2.7K
TerminalBlock_WAGO WAGO terminal blocks 84 22K
TerminalBlock_Wuerth Wuerth Elektronik terminal blocks 13 1.5K
TestPoint Test points, measurement points, probe connection points 57 4.6K
Transformer_SMD Surface mount transformers 31 6.8K
Transformer_THT Through hole transformers 56 18K
Valve Valve 10 2.9K
Varistor Varistor 100 8.2K

Last updated on 19 October 2021