The KiCad footprint libraries are the individual .pretty directories. Each .pretty directory contains multiple .kicad_mod footprint files.

Updating via Git

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Library Description Footprints Download
Battery_Holders Batteries and battery holders 18 6.0K
Buttons_Switches_Keyboard Buttons and switches for keyboard applications 20 2.2K
Buttons_Switches_SMD Buttons and switches, surface mount 78 15K
Buttons_Switches_THT Buttons and switches, through hole 67 12K
Buzzers_Beepers Audio signalling devices 11 2.4K
Capacitors_SMD Capacitors, surface mount 54 6.4K
Capacitors_THT Capacitors, through hole 357 69K
Capacitors_Tantalum_SMD Tantalum capacitors, surface mount 33 2.9K
Connectors Assorted connector footprints 127 31K
Connectors_Card Footprints for cards and card holders 4 3.2K
Connectors_DSub Footprints for DB connectors 120 36K
Connectors_HDMI HDMI connector footprints 3 1.5K
Connectors_Harwin Harwin connector footprints 64 9.8K
Connectors_Hirose Hirose connector footprints 62 11K
Connectors_IDC IDC connector footprints 28 5.5K
Connectors_IEC_DIN DIN connector footprints 18 3.9K
Connectors_JAE JAE connector footprints 27 4.6K
Connectors_JST JST connector footprints 388 53K
Connectors_Mini-Universal Mate-N-Lok 14 6.2K
Connectors_Molex Molex connector foottprints 483 72K
Connectors_Multicomp Multicomp connector footprints 19 4.3K
Connectors_Phoenix Phoenix connector footprints 528 60K
Connectors_Samtec Samtec connector footprints 138 18K
Connectors_TE-Connectivity TE Connectivity connector footprints 56 6.1K
Connectors_Terminal_Blocks Terminal block connectors 8 3.9K
Connectors_TestPoints Test points, measurement points, probe connection points 56 4.7K
Connectors_USB USB connector footprints 13 4.1K
Connectors_WAGO WAGO connector footprints 12 1.7K
Converters_DCDC_ACDC DC-DC and AC-DC convertor modules 47 12K
Crystals Crystals and oscillators 170 19K
Diodes_SMD Diodes, surface mount 44 7.2K
Diodes_THT Diodes, through hole 66 9.1K
Displays Display modules 30 11K
Displays_7-Segment Seven segment displays 42 6.5K
Enclosures Electronics enclosures and housings 0 175
Fiducials Fiducial markings 20 2.1K
Fuse_Holders_and_Fuses Fuses and fuse holders 27 6.9K
Hall-Effect_Transducers_LEM LEM hall effect transducers 11 3.4K
Heatsinks Heatsinks and thermal products 11 5.6K
Housings_BGA Ball Grid Array (BGA 29 26K
Housings_CSP Chip Scale Packages (CSP 8 3.5K
Housings_DFN_QFN Surface mount IC packages, DFN / LGA / QFN 124 30K
Housings_DIP Through hole IC packages, DIP 214 30K
Housings_LCC Leaded Chip Carriers (LCC 21 7.3K
Housings_LGA Land Grid Array (LGA 7 2.6K
Housings_PGA Pin Grid Array (PGA 0 398
Housings_QFP Quad Flat Package (QFP 53 25K
Housings_SIP Single Inline Package (SIP 13 3.9K
Housings_SOIC Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC 43 8.7K
Housings_SON Small Outline No-Lead (SON 31 7.7K
Housings_SSOP SSOP, TSSOP, MSOP, QSOP, VSO packages 80 17K
Inductors_SMD Inductors, surface mount 149 20K
Inductors_THT Inductors, through hole 241 39K
LEDs Light emitting diodes (LEDs 98 14K
Measurement_Scales Measurement scales and gauges 19 4.3K
Microwave Microwave 23 2.6K
Modules Board-level devices integrating system functionality into a single module 12 10K
Mounting_Holes Mechanical fasteners 92 4.3K
Opto-Devices Optocouplers, light sensors, and other optical devices 45 12K
Oscillators Precicision oscillator modules 47 7.7K
Package_DirectFET DirectFet packages from International Rectifier 13 2.5K
Pin_Headers Male pin headers 1112 184K
Potentiometers Potentiometers / variable resistors 130 26K
Power_Integrations Power Integrations footprints 18 3.1K
RF_Antennas Radio-frequency / wireless antenna footprints 3 1.8K
RF_Modules Radio-frequency / wireless modules 21 8.7K
Relays_SMD Surface mount relay packages 2 1.2K
Relays_THT Through hole relay packages 42 8.3K
Resistors_SMD Resistors, surface mount 42 5.2K
Resistors_THT Resistors, through hole 104 13K
Resistors_Universal Experimental 10 1.4K
Shielding_Cabinets RF / EMI shields 29 7.0K
Socket_Strips Female socket strips 520 78K
Sockets IC sockets 36 14K
Symbols PCB symbols 122 379K
TO_SOT_Packages_SMD Surface mount transistor packages 108 16K
TO_SOT_Packages_THT Through hole transistor packages 184 23K
TerminalBlock_4UCON 4UCON terminal blocks 15 2.4K
TerminalBlock_MetzConnect Metz Connect terminal blocks 48 12K
TerminalBlock_Philmore Philmore terminal blocks 15 2.1K
TerminalBlock_Phoenix Phoenix Contact terminal blocks 41 5.6K
TerminalBlock_RND RND terminal blocks 110 21K
TerminalBlock_WAGO WAGO terminal blocks 23 8.9K
TerminalBlocks_Phoenix 41 5.3K
TerminalBlocks_WAGO 23 8.9K
Transformers_SMD Surface mount transformers 11 2.4K
Transformers_THT Through hole transformers 53 17K
Valves Valves 10 3.1K
Varistors Varistors 97 5.6K
Wire_Pads Direct wire-to-board connection points 31 1.7K

Last updated on 17 November 2017