The KiCad symbol libraries are the individual .lib files, with the corresponding .dcm files containing symbol metadata. These symbols are best used in combination with the official footprint libs.


The files packaged here are intended for KiCad version 5 or nightly builds that support the schematic library version 2.4 or newer.

Updating via Git

Users who wish to keep symbol libraries up to date can track the GitHub repository.


Users who wish to contribute to the symbols libraries can submit a pull request at

Library Releases

The latest complete set of KiCad symbol libraries can be downloaded from the following link:

Stable releases of the the symbol libraries can be found at:

Library Description Symbols Download
4xxx 4xxx series symbols 48 5.5K
4xxx_IEEE 4xxx series IEEE symbols 99 8.5K
74xGxx 74xGxx symbols 163 5.2K
74xx 74xx symbols 235 18K
74xx_IEEE 74xx series IEEE symbols 185 13K
Amplifier_Audio Amplifier for audio applications 93 11K
Amplifier_Buffer Buffer amplifiers 7 1.3K
Amplifier_Current Amplifiers for current sensors (shunt) 74 4.0K
Amplifier_Difference Amplifiers for analog differential signals 12 2.4K
Amplifier_Instrumentation Instrumentation amplitifers 34 2.0K
Amplifier_Operational General operational amplifiers 310 13K
Amplifier_Video Video amplifiers 2 1.1K
Analog Miscellaneous analog devices 16 3.7K
Analog_ADC Analog to digital converters 158 17K
Analog_DAC Digital to analog converters 126 9.6K
Analog_Switch Analog switches 122 12K
Audio Audio devices 70 14K
Battery_Management Battery management ICs 115 13K
Buffer High-speed clock/data buffer ICs 1 742
CPLD_Altera Altera CPLD symbols 26 11K
CPLD_Microchip Microchip CPLD symbols 7 970
CPLD_Xilinx Xilinx CPLD symbols 17 6.2K
CPU Central processor unit (CPU) symbols, assorted 6 8.3K
CPU_NXP_6800 NXP (formerly Motorola) 6800 CPUs 12 1.3K
CPU_NXP_68000 NXP (formerly Motorola) 68000 CPUs 5 2.5K
CPU_PowerPC PowerPC-based CPUs 1 6.5K
Comparator Comparator symbols 49 4.0K
Connector Connector symbols (Examples: Terminal Block, D-SUB, DIN, USB...) 349 37K
Connector_Generic Generic connector symbols 274 17K
Connector_Generic_MountingPin Generic connectors with mechanical mounting pin 274 17K
Connector_Generic_Shielded Generic shielded connector symbols 274 17K
Converter_ACDC AC to DC converter modules 130 3.5K
Converter_DCDC DC to DC converter modules 538 7.9K
DSP_AnalogDevices Analog Devices DSP symbols 5 1.8K
DSP_Freescale Freescale DSP symbols 1 1.9K
DSP_Microchip_DSPIC33 Microchip DSPIC33 symbols 19 4.1K
DSP_Motorola Motorola DSP symbols 1 2.0K
DSP_Texas Texas Instruments DSP symbols 1 1.5K
Device Generic symbols for common devices 568 29K
Diode Diodes 418 9.7K
Diode_Bridge Diode Bridges/Rectifiers 146 2.9K
Diode_Laser Laser diodes 5 1.2K
Display_Character Character displays. (n-Segment, dot-matrix, ...) 118 8.4K
Display_Graphic Graphic displays. (Pixel-based color or monochrome displays.) 35 3.6K
Driver_Display Drivers for displays. (For graphic and character based displays.) 10 2.4K
Driver_FET MOSFET and gate drivers 194 13K
Driver_Haptic Haptic drivers for solenoids, voice coils, LRAs, etc 2 952
Driver_LED LED drivers 78 11K
Driver_Motor Integrated motor driver and controller ICs 61 9.3K
Driver_Relay Relay drivers and controllers 5 1.3K
Driver_TEC Thermoelectric cooler (Peltier) drivers and controllers 2 849
FPGA_Lattice Lattice FPGA symbols 10 4.7K
FPGA_Microsemi Microsemi FPGA symbols 18 12K
FPGA_Xilinx Assorted Xilinx FPGA symbols 34 26K
FPGA_Xilinx_Artix7 Xilinx Artix7 FPGA symbols 27 14K
FPGA_Xilinx_Kintex7 Xilinx Kintex7 FPGA symbols 18 17K
FPGA_Xilinx_Spartan6 Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA symbols 45 32K
FPGA_Xilinx_Virtex5 Xilinx Virtex5 FPGA symbols 41 42K
FPGA_Xilinx_Virtex6 Xilinx Virtex6 FPGA symbols 28 44K
FPGA_Xilinx_Virtex7 Xilinx Virtex7 FPGA symbols 34 68K
Fiber_Optic Fiber optic symbols 2 760
Filter Filter symbols 48 3.0K
GPU Graphics Processing Units 3 837
Graphic Graphical symbols 29 4.8K
Interface Assorted interface symbols 101 18K
Interface_CAN_LIN CAN / LIN interface symbols 85 5.7K
Interface_CurrentLoop Current loop interface devices 2 644
Interface_Ethernet Ethernet interface symbols 26 7.3K
Interface_Expansion I/O expansion devices, shift registers, etc 63 6.6K
Interface_HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) symbols 2 1.5K
Interface_HID Human Interface Device (HID) symbols 5 1.3K
Interface_LineDriver Line driver interface symbols 16 2.2K
Interface_Optical Optical interfaces (IR receivers) 42 2.7K
Interface_Telecom Telecom interface symbols 3 1.5K
Interface_UART UART interface symbols 133 13K
Interface_USB USB interface symbols 95 15K
Isolator Isolator devices 315 18K
Isolator_Analog Analog isolator devices 7 1.4K
Jumper (Solder) jumper symbols 9 987
LED Light Emitting Diode (LED) symbols 54 5.7K
Logic_LevelTranslator Logic level translators and level shifters 34 4.4K
Logic_Programmable Programmable logic symbols 6 1.3K
MCU_AnalogDevices Analog Devices microcontrollers 1 1.1K
MCU_Cypress Cypress microcontrollers 36 3.4K
MCU_Dialog Dialog Semiconductor microcontrollers 2 1.4K
MCU_Espressif Espressif microcontrollers 1 891
MCU_Intel Various Intel MCU devices and associated peripherals 26 4.2K
MCU_Microchip_8051 Microchip 8051 microcontrollers 12 885
MCU_Microchip_ATmega Microchip ATmega microcontrollers 440 17K
MCU_Microchip_ATtiny Microchip ATtiny microcontrollers 199 7.0K
MCU_Microchip_AVR Microchip AVR microcontrollers 19 2.1K
MCU_Microchip_PIC10 Microchip PIC10 microcontrollers 24 990
MCU_Microchip_PIC12 Microchip PIC12 microcontrollers 114 2.4K
MCU_Microchip_PIC16 Microchip PIC16 microcontrollers 234 15K
MCU_Microchip_PIC18 Microchip PIC18 microcontrollers 172 12K
MCU_Microchip_PIC24 Microchip PIC24 microcontrollers 3 2.8K
MCU_Microchip_PIC32 Microchip PIC32 microcontrollers 16 2.9K
MCU_Microchip_SAMA Microchip SAMA microcontrollers 1 2.1K
MCU_Microchip_SAMD Microchip SAMD microcontrollers 87 3.7K
MCU_Microchip_SAME Microchip SAME microcontrollers 16 3.8K
MCU_Microchip_SAML Microchip SAML microcontrollers 20 1.7K
MCU_Module Microcontroller Modules and Breakouts (Arduino ...) 36 11K
MCU_NXP_ColdFire NXP ColdFire microcontrollers (formerly Motorola) 6 6.6K
MCU_NXP_HC11 NXP HC11 microcontrollers 10 2.6K
MCU_NXP_HC12 NXP HC12 microcontrollers 2 1.9K
MCU_NXP_HCS12 NXP HCS12 microcontrollers 1 1.6K
MCU_NXP_Kinetis NXP Kinetis microcontrollers 149 13K
MCU_NXP_LPC NXP LPC microcontrollers 105 5.1K
MCU_NXP_MAC7100 NXP MAC7100 (ARMv7-based) microcontrollers 2 2.3K
MCU_NXP_MCore NXP M*Core microcontrollers 1 1.1K
MCU_NXP_NTAG NXP NFC microcontrollers 1 793
MCU_NXP_S08 NXP S08 microcontrollers 189 9.2K
MCU_Nordic Nordic Semiconductor microcontrollers 7 2.6K
MCU_Parallax Parallax microcontrollers 3 1.2K
MCU_Renesas_Synergy_S1 Renesas Synergy S1 microcontrollers 1 1.1K
MCU_STC STC microcontrollers 6 898
MCU_ST_STM32F0 ST STM32F0 microcontrollers 111 8.5K
MCU_ST_STM32F1 ST STM32F1 microcontrollers 125 5.7K
MCU_ST_STM32F2 ST STM32F2 microcontrollers 47 4.4K
MCU_ST_STM32F3 ST STM32F3 microcontrollers 93 6.7K
MCU_ST_STM32F4 ST STM32F4 microcontrollers 211 17K
MCU_ST_STM32F7 ST STM32F7 microcontrollers 113 12K
MCU_ST_STM32H7 ST STM32H7 microcontrollers 15 5.4K
MCU_ST_STM32L0 ST STM32L0 microcontrollers 150 6.2K
MCU_ST_STM32L1 ST STM32L1 microcontrollers 130 6.2K
MCU_ST_STM32L4+ ST STM32L4+ microcontrollers 37 6.6K
MCU_ST_STM32L4 ST STM32L4 microcontrollers 130 9.0K
MCU_ST_STM8 ST STM8 microcontrollers 23 2.8K
MCU_SiFive SiFive microcontrollers 3 3.8K
MCU_SiliconLabs Silicon Labs (SiLabs) microcontrollers 35 3.2K
MCU_Texas Texas Instruments microcontrollers (assorted) 21 5.4K
MCU_Texas_MSP430 Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers 358 19K
MCU_Texas_SimpleLink Texas Instruments SimpleLink microcontrollers 1 1.1K
Mechanical Mechanical symbols 10 1.5K
Memory_EEPROM EEPROM memory 82 3.4K
Memory_EPROM EPROM memory 13 1.6K
Memory_Flash Flash memory 37 4.7K
Memory_NVRAM Non volatile RAM (NVRAM) 19 1.7K
Memory_RAM Volatile RAM 43 7.9K
Memory_ROM Read only memory (ROM) 2 1.1K
Memory_UniqueID UID and serial number memory devices 2 676
Motor Motor symbols 22 2.4K
Oscillator Oscillator symbols 95 6.1K
Potentiometer_Digital Digital potentiometers 48 5.4K
Power_Management Power management and distribution ICs 210 16K
Power_Protection Power protection devices 78 9.7K
Power_Supervisor Power supervisory devices 77 4.0K
RF Assorted / uncategorized Radio Frequency (RF) devices 50 6.7K
RF_AM_FM AM / FM wireless devices 13 3.2K
RF_Amplifier RF amplifier symbols 74 2.8K
RF_Bluetooth RF Bluetooth wireless modules 11 3.5K
RF_Filter RF filter symbols 196 3.4K
RF_GPS GPS devices 19 2.9K
RF_GSM GSM devices 10 3.2K
RF_Mixer RF mixer symbols 8 1.9K
RF_Module RF module symbols 44 7.8K
RF_RFID Radio Frequency ID (RFID) 1 668
RF_Switch RF switch symbols 28 3.7K
RF_WiFi WiFi symbols 2 1.3K
RF_ZigBee ZigBee / XBee symbols 7 2.3K
Reference_Current Precision current references 12 1.7K
Reference_Voltage Precision voltage references 236 6.2K
Regulator_Controller Power regulator controllers 148 9.2K
Regulator_Current Current regulators 2 637
Regulator_Linear Linear regulators 1334 26K
Regulator_SwitchedCapacitor Switched capacitor / charge pump regulators 20 2.6K
Regulator_Switching Switch-mode regulators 1056 35K
Relay Relay symbols 200 8.1K
Relay_SolidState Solid state relays (Transistor and Triac based) 68 3.6K
Security Security devices 3 942
Sensor Multi-function sensors, assorted sensors 14 3.3K
Sensor_Audio Audio / sound / microphone sensors 3 913
Sensor_Current Current sensors 253 6.8K
Sensor_Distance Distance sensors 1 656
Sensor_Gas Gas sensors 8 1.3K
Sensor_Humidity Humidity sensors 13 1.6K
Sensor_Magnetic Magnetic field and hall-effect sensors 45 3.6K
Sensor_Motion Accelerometers, gyroscopic sensors 25 4.5K
Sensor_Optical Light and color sensors 67 6.5K
Sensor_Pressure Fluid and mechanical pressure sensors 14 2.0K
Sensor_Proximity Optical interuption and proximity (optical, inductive, capacitve, ...) sensors 27 3.2K
Sensor_Temperature Temperature sensors 100 7.6K
Sensor_Touch Touch sensors 23 3.4K
Sensor_Voltage Voltage sensors 1 725
Simulation_SPICE Symbols specialized for SPICE circuit simulation (including ngspice) 20 1.8K
Switch Switch symbols 58 5.2K
Timer Assorted timer devices 59 4.7K
Timer_PLL Phase locked loop (PLL) devices 9 2.1K
Timer_RTC Real time clock (RTC) devices 38 3.1K
Transformer Transformer symbols 100 7.2K
Transistor_Array Specialized transistor arrays 20 1.9K
Transistor_BJT BJT transistor symbols 307 8.6K
Transistor_FET FET transistor symbols 492 16K
Transistor_IGBT IGBT transistor symbols 2 885
Triac_Thyristor TRIAC and thyristor symbols 45 1.6K
Valve Valve symbols 24 3.1K
Video Video symbols 32 7.1K
power Power symbols, special power flags 101 2.7K
pspice Legacy pspice symbol library 16 1.7K

Last updated on 17 September 2020